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Consulting Services

Fractional CFO Solutions

Hiring a full-time CFO can be expensive and risky. Gateway's employees have helped companies of all sizes, but we specialize in manufacturing, wholesale, and logistics companies with revenue between $500 thousand to $100 million.

Gateway Valuation Consulting's Fractional CFO Benefits Include:

  • Helping you understand your cash flow and projections to maximize value.

  • Identify your cost of capital and implement strategies that expands economic profitability, amplifying your bottom-line.

  • Protect profits, control costs, and eliminate waste.

  • Most small businesses lack a sound financial plan. Gateway will work with you to build a financial plan that works.

  • Minimize your business risk, opportunity cost, and maximize your ROI.

Buy-Sell Agreement Reviews

Does your buy-sell agreement follow one of the disastrous methods detailed in Business Valuation for Business Owners?

Gateway realizes most business owners aren't familiar with the looming disasters they unknowingly face - until it's too late. Attorneys are trained and skilled at addressing legal quandaries (not valuation), yet most buy-sell agreement valuation clauses are drafted by attorneys. 

And when disaster occurs, the damage is done.

Gateway helps attorneys and business owners by:

  • Reviewing the valuation language in a buy-sell agreement or clause

  • Recommending changes that all parties can agree on

  • Providing an independent and professional perspective on alternative options that may facilitate a more effective buy-sell market mechanism

Independent Appraisal Reviews

Having managed more than $1 billion in closely-held trust assets, Gateway's Principal has reviewed numerous appraisals as both a consultant and a fiduciary.

Gateway Valuation Consulting has experience:

  • As an independent third-party appraiser for mediation

  • Reviewing process-agreement buy-sell appraisals that go to the "next step"

  • Reviewing closely-held company appraisals used for employee bank loans 

Gateway can provide a written report on significant findings, lead a presentation to key stakeholders or join in a conference call. 

Not bound to the billable hour, Gateway can customize a service to meet your needs that fits your budget.

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